Good Deal + Green Deal = GD Consulting

Balázs Kovács (MBA, MSc.) economist, international tourism expert, Partner by the Vienna based GD Consulting consultancy bureau, tourism blogger and chief editor of the Dunakavicsok newtourism podcast, member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). His consulting activities are focused on projects that encourage the tourism of the future and the construction of the world of newtourism. In addition to strengthening Austrian and Hungarian tourism, economic, cultural and diplomatic relations, the focus of the consulting activity is on sustainable initiatives and projects in the CEE Danube region.


The mission of GD Consulting is to realize winning good & green deals. The consulting activity is based on decades of experience in the Austro-Hungarian market and on Central European cooperation. We facilitate the implementation of mutually beneficial, sustainable, winning deals and "good business" for our partners, from the birth of the dream through the first steps to full-scale market representation. In addition to our expertise, the ability to think responsibly in the long term, the need to make decisions based on a well-founded strategy, and a professional and constructive attitude are the guarantee of truly "winning good deals" and a successful market position. We believe that profit is not the only thing that matters in business, but the totality of moments of happiness experienced through creation is at least as important a factor as a decent profit earned while serving a fair and good cause.


Austria and Hungary are connected not only by shared history and values, but also by the blue Danube. Similarly, the two initials of Good Deal support each other and embrace each other harmoniously in the company's logo. A relationship that complements the other party into a unified whole, jointly finding the sustainable golden mean that leads to the goal.


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